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Services & Cost

After your virtual or in-person meeting with Left Lane, you will receive a 1-page custom Business Proposal. Service cost is hourly and included in proposal. Cancel anytime contract.


Why hire a consultant?

Left Lane excels in finding quick and affordable solutions to your business and marketing needs. You will have access to Left Lane for assistance with your service implementation on an on-going basis for frustration-free support.


How will Left Lane work with our team? 

Hiring Left Lane as a consultant is convenient for your business and team. You will get quick support to your specific needs through live video calls, phone, and/or email support.  Left Lane is available to any team member when you need technical support, new ideas to move forward, or strategy suggestions. Left Lane is professional and mindful of your time. 

Left Lane has a wide-range of expertise, including:​​

  • Business operations and marketing

  • Nonprofit management

  • Starting a podcast

  • Brand management and logo creation

  • Digital asset organization best practices 

  • Leadership and staff management 

  • Social media best practices and content creation

  • Sales funnel strategies 

  • Data management and using Salesforce as a CRM

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

  • Creating websites

  • Transferring domains and websites to Wix

  • Paid advertising

  • Partnerships and sponsorships

  • Event management, online and/or in-person

  • Community networking and brand engagement campaigns



It's true, we all think that it - "If only I had a $20,000 marketing budget, then I could really do effective marketing" - that's simply not true. It's how you use your marketing investment that counts, not just the dollars thrown in.

Here is a quick strategy take on Left Lane's approach:

Do you have a small business and frustrated that you aren't getting noticed on Google search results? Well blogs are free and they will boost your SEO, which improves your Google search result ranking.

Need a faster solution? Try Google Ads (free for nonprofits) and you can even run paid campaigns with any budget.


Get smart with your marketing (and spending). Try Left Lane - it's the fastest place for your business.

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